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  • Inner & Outer Permaculture Merging Into One

  • Outer Permaculture Meets Inner Permaculture

    Conversation between Dan Palmer, originator of http://makingpermaculturestronger.net (which is becoming a book!), and http://veryediblegardens.com.au


    Clinton Callahan, author of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, Conscious Feelings, and Goodnight Feelings, and originator of http://PossibilityManagement.org.

  • Humanity Is Already In The Shift From Patriarchy To Archearchy

    Culture shift occurs through both internal and external behavior change, Inner-Permaculture and Outer-Permaculture.

    What is your part in facilitating this shift?

  • Global Gameworlds


    Permaculture is conscious design of nature-mimicking systems providing for human needs locally.


    Permaculture is a global gameworld at a global crossroads.


    Either Permaculture 'phoenixes' itself and starts over with personal transformation at its core, or the evolutionary needs of people will drive them elsewhere and the Permaculture gameworld will collapse like a chocolate Easter bunny, sweet on the outside and hollow on the inside.


    Deep ecology is an ecological and environmental philosophy promoting the inherent worth of living beings regardless of their instrumental utility to human needs, plus a restructuring of modern human societies in accordance with such ideas.


    Transformation is any holistic nonlinear change process to an unknowable future state which is navigated through skilled trial-and-error actions that give birth to newly invented mindsets, worldviews, gamerules, culture, and behaviors with improved results.


    Inner Permaculture facilitates the emergence of a more conscious Permaculture.


    Inner Permaculture is a powerful toolset of distinctions, maps, thoughtware, and initiatory processes that facilitate the evolution of consciousness so that inner reactions to outer interactions have the same sustainable elegance and regenerative abundance as a permaculture garden.


    Inner Permaculture and Outer Permaculture are two sides of the same land.


    The transformed future state of holistic Inner and Outer Permaculture is so radically different from the current state of Permaculture that the people and culture will change to implement it successfully. Without these 'inner' shifts of mindset and culture, the 'external' implementation of new structures, systems, processes or technology do not produce their intended results.


    For example, many large IT projects fail because they require a mindset and culture change that is not successfully facilitated, If the new strategy requires people to share information across strongly held boundaries or to put the needs of the enterprise over their own turf agendas, behaviors which until that moment were forbidden, inner changes are needed. Without these changes in attitude and behavior, people the change fails to deliver its potential.


    Evolving Permaculture to include transformation at its center is a scary, unpredictable process where stress skyrockets and emotions run high. Learning new tools for navigating stress and emotions is a key deliverable of Inner Permaculture, exactly the resources needed to facilitate and navigate the shifts.

  • What Is There To Do ?

    Comparing the Life and Practices of Outer-Permaculture and Inner-Permaculture

    Outer-Permaculture Scanning the Ecosystem

    Inner-Permaculture Scanning the Ecosystem

    Scanning your upper world, middle world, and underworld, scanning your 5 Bodies, the resonance field, the coolness factor, noticing what you are noticing with, being aware of what you are aware of, paying attention to your attention, getting present, navigating the waking state, flowing power, getting centered, grounded and bubbled, distinguishing your Box from your Being, connecting Being-to-Being, choosing to enter adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes.

    Outer-Permaculture Repairing and Preparing Soil

    Inner-Permaculture Repairing and Preparing Soil

    Building your Matrix, upgrading your thoughtware, owning your center and your authority, distinguishing your Box and your Gremlin, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of feelings work, opening your Pearl, distilling your Bright Principles, distilling your Shadow Principles, finding your Hidden Competing Commitments, preparing for and jacking-in to your Archetypal Lineage.

    Outer-Permaculture Sprouting Seeds

    Inner-Permaculture Sprouting Seeds

    Books, talks, videos, workshops, trainings, initiatory processes, self surgeries such as Mind Machines, Brain Splits, Rewiring your Brain for fear, gaining proficiency in the 7 core skills and using the 13 tools on your energetic toolbelt.

    Outer-Permaculture Pulling Weeds

    Inner-Permaculture Pulling Weeds

    Healing processes and ongoing experimentation, become an experimenter, become money, become Gaia, become a source, practicing your 3 Powers of Choosing, Declaring, and Asking, choosing which game to play: I win - you lose, I win - you win (win-win, which degrades to lose-lose through compromise), or Winning Happening.

    Outer-Permaculture Harvesting Abundance

    Inner-Permaculture Harvesting Abundance

    Appreciation, love, connection, communication, evolution, developement, co-intelligence, co-creation, discovery, community, inspiration, fulfillment, designing, building, and inhabiting next culture (archearchal) gameworlds together that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant, navigating 5-body intimacies, extraordinary and archetypal love.

  • Resources

    Suggested Readings

    The Chalice and The Blade, Riane Eisler

    The Whispering Pond, Ervin Laszlo

    The Web of Life, Fritjof Capra

    The Impossible Conversation, Dean Walker

    Ecological Democracy, Roy Morrison

    Wild Law, Cormac Cullinan

    End Game, Vols 1&2, Derrick Jensen

    Biosphere Politics, Jeremy Rifkin

    A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold

    Reconnecting With Nature, Michael J. Cohen

    The Continuum Concept, Jean Leidloff

    Finding Our Way, Margaret Wheatley

    High Noon - 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve Them, J. F. Rischard

    Coming Back to Life, Joanna Macy

    Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, Clinton Callahan

    Ecopsychology, Theodore Roszak, et al

    The Healing Earth, Philip Sutton Chard

    Conscious Evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard

    The Cultural Creatives, Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson

    Global Brain, Howard Bloom

    The Transition Handbook, Rob Hopkins

    The Magical Child Matures, Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Ecocities, Richard Register

    Postcarbon Cities, Daniel Lerch

    Better Not Bigger, Eben Fodor

    Beyond Growth, Herman Daly

    Going Local, Michael Shuman

    Stolen Harvest, Vandana Shiva

    Spiritual Ecology, Jim Nollman

    The Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler

    Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, Clinton Callahan

    This Place on Earth, Alan Durning

    In the Absence of the Sacred, Jerry Mander


    Suggested Websites

    Archearchy <http://archearchy.org>

    Bright Future Now - Robert Gilman <https://context.org/

    Business Alliance for Local Living Economies – BALLE <http://livingeconomies.org/>

    Culture Change Consulting <http://culturechange.org/cms/content/view/234/60/>

    Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy <http://steadystate.org/meet/speakers-network/>

    Center for Partnership Studies <http://partnershipway.org/>

    Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund <http://www.celdf.org/>

    Conversation Café <http://conversationcafe.org/>

    Deep Green Resistance <http://derrickjensen.org/dgr.html>

    Distinctionary <http://distinctionary.xyz>

    Dragon Speaking

    Earth Charter <http://earthcharterinaction.org/content/>

    Earth Jurisprudence <http://earthjurisprudence.org/>

    Eradicating Ecocide - Polly Higgins <https://eradicatingecocide.com/>

    Fodor & Associates - Research, Consulting and Land Use Planning <http://fodorandassociates.com/>

    Gaia Education <https://www.gaiaeducation.org/>

    Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) <http://ecovillage.org>

    Initiations <http://initiations.org>

    James Howard Kunstler <http://kunstler.com/>

    Kaos Pilots <https://kaospilots.ch/the-kaospilots/>

    Living Resilience <https://livingresilience.net/programs/>

    Let’s Live Local <http://pathwaystotransition.com/lets_live_local.htm>

    Making Permaculture Stronger - Dan Palmer <http://makingpermaculturestronger.net>

    Margaret Wheatley <http://margaretwheatley.com/>

    Michael Shuman <http://small-mart.org/>

    Mission Life Force <https://www.missionlifeforce.org/>

    Nanonations <http://nanonations.org>

    Naomi Klein <http://naomiklein.org/main>

    Nature’s Trust <http://law.uoregon.edu/faculty/mwood/docs/naturestrust2.pdf> and


    Open Space Technology <http://openspaceworld.org/>

    Partnow Communications <http://partnowcom.com/>

    Possibility Management <http://possibilitymanagement.org>

    Possibility Team <http://possibilityteam.org>

    Post Carbon Institute <http://postcarbon.org/>

    Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy <http://poclad.org/>

    Project Drawdown <https://www.drawdown.org/>

    Project NatureConnect <http://ecopsych.com/>

    Solari Circles <http://solari.com/>

    SpacePort <http://spaceport.strikingly.com>

    S.P.A.R.K. Experiments <http://sparkexperiments.org>

    StartOver.xyz (http://startover.xyz)

    Story of Stuff <http://storyofstuff.com/>

    SYNCON - Barbara Marx Hubbard <http://barbaramarxhubbard.com/con/node/54> and


    Tools for Change <http://toolsforchange.org/>

    Torus Technology <http://torustechnology.org>

    Transition US <http://transitionus.org/>

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